Yard #1- Brownville, NY

Has over 50 acres it covers and as my son said to me "you look like you've found Heaven."  We also got a couple of pieces for our cars on our guided tour riding in a Maverick with no upholstery left on the seat sitting next to the gas tank( a 5 gallon can) along with tools and torches. Hope to get back there again this year. 
{pictures taken Summer 2001}

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We haven't had the chance to get up to Brownville since, but a possible trip in the Fall of 2016 is planned.
In the meantime here are some videos we found on YouTube of a ride along from 2008.

Yard #2- Location Was - Martville, New York

Is smaller than yard #1 and we were able to just walk through, gaze and dream. This owner didn't want to sell parts but would sell complete cars only. He is 84 and in poor health. Two weeks after our visit the owner died. I believe there was some kind of estate auction and the township wanting the property cleaned up shortly after that. 
Most if not all pictured gone to the crusher rumor has it.
Sad end to another story.
{pictures taken April 2002}

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All Pontiac Junkyard

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Roadside & Barnyard Finds