1941 Pontiac / 2527B / Straight 8 Business Coupe 

Another work in progress - Having fun in Primer.

~~~ 72,302  ORIGINAL MILES ! ~~~
We got this car out of Wisconsin a few years back off Ebay.
One of those vehicles that was sadly misrepresented. After going there to pick it up with my trailer it was turn around and leave it or try and rescue it and hope I could come out of it. I am one who does not like to invest more in cars than you can get back out of them unlike the reality TV shows or auctions.

The 1st thing we check out on any car is the brakes for if they don't work there is no point in doing anything else. They have been completely gone through including Master Cylinder, all new brake hoses and wheel cylinders, brake hardware kits and brake shoes. New king pins and sway bar links and bushings along with filling the shocks back up with oil. Tuned it up, flushed cooling system, changed the oil, topping off the rear end and transmission. Installed a new pinion seal. Tires and wheels replaced with proper 6.50X16 Wide-Whitewalls and painted the original Parma Wine Color. Firewall and engine compartment also detailed.
A new gas tank was added after finding an old repair from long ago not holding.
Next we dug out of the body all the worthless fiberglass mat and resin repairs and began the fabrication process to replace with welded in metal everywhere needed. Sanded down and put in primer. Still more body work to finish before her complete new Parma Wine Color to match the firewall and wheels as this car was delivered when new.


 Much work completed but still unfinished and we have been driving it in Primer to local Cruise Ins about 2,500 miles since her purchase.  I honestly believe it is a much more fun car in this state as you don't have to worry about scratches etc.
It has been in a few all Pontiac Shows, the Syracuse Nationals and even attended the 2016 P.O.C.I. Convention in Bettendorf, Iowa celebrating the car turning 75 years old.