Stripped to bare metal; a nice under body to work with

Patch welded in as needed for bottom left quarter and crease repair bottom of left door

Hood needed major metal treatment Nose panel has usual dents bad previous repair
Tail panel below bumper straightened.

Welding as needed

First primer

Second primer

Onto the Base Coat & Two Tone


Then onto Assembly, Polish and Shine

At this point I'm told we need a hole for the carbs.
ot an easy time to cut after finish is applied! Better to plan ahead.

At this point fenders had to be removed to mount remote mirrors

Back at Tony's to install engine

Finishing Touch - Ready to Rumble...

Car Finished in 2000 and sold a few years later.

Found her at Tri-Power Nationals with the new owner in 2007.
She looks as good as the day we finished her.